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Stop Unauthorised downloading & Piracy of your video lectures

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The piracy of paid video lectures through unauthorized downloads and screen capturing is one of the main concerns of the course creators.

If this is one of the reasons, which is impacting your business revenues, we have come up with a solution.

With Graphy, all your uploaded video lectures are DRM encrypted and uniquely watermarked for each user. 60+ Institutes use out technology to protect their digital content from piracy.

We offer content security at multiple levels:

Stop Unauthorized Access to the video content: 

Only verified learners get access to play the videos. We have an integrated system to verify email and mobile number of each learner.

Stop Video from downloading

All the videos uploaded on our platform are completely secured and can’t be downloaded with any plugin or software.

Restrict the device count 

You can restrict the count of devices your learners can use to login in your website and app. This will prevent from sharing account details with other leaners.

User-specific watermarking on Videos and PDF’s

 All the video content while streaming continuously displays the learner’s email and mobile number to prevent the screen capture.

Restricting the access to limited periods

You have the option to restrict the access of videos for a particular time period, till a fixed date or allow limited viewing hours for a particular course.

To know more, click on the below link to get started and create your secure video courses.

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